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How Does An Aircraft Fly?

Engines create thrust, which moves the plane forward. Lift ,which requires thrust and wings, makes the plane rise.

Newron’s 3th Law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action. This Explains the principle oh engines. Jet engines push the air rearward and this action push the engines and aircraft forward.

Bernoulli’s Principle: As the velocity of a fluid or gas increase, its pressure decrease this mens fast moving fluid generates low pressure, slow moving fluid generates high pressure. The speed of air on up-side of the wings is higher if it is compared to the speed of air on down-side of the wings. This difference of air speed provide a lift of aircrafts.

Angle of Attack: The angle of attack is the angle between the chamberline(Chord line) of on aerofoil and the relative wind.

Aerofoil: A structure with curved surfaces designed to give the most favourable ratio of lift to drag in flight

, used as the basic form of the wing.

As a wing cuts through the relative wind, two aerodynamic forces are produced. These forces are lift and drag. The lift produced by an airfoil is the net force produced perpendicular to the relative wind. The drag incurred by an airfoil is the net force produced parallel to the relative wind.